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I fell in love with Effie’s Paper the moment I opened the package that Fab Feminist contributing writer (and ultimate gift-giver), Lily, sent me. Everything I’ve ever gotten from Lily has been uniquely feminist, so I knew it was even better than what I was seeing at face value. In neat plastic casing was a set of stationary with marbled backs and black envelopes that read “from the desk of a badass bitch” on the front. Let me tell you, I love this stationary so much that I evacuated to my parents’ house with it in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

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Brace Yourselves, Daylight Savings Time is Ending.


On November 4th, millions of people are going to jump for joy about getting back that one hour's sleep they sacrificed back in March. Sure, we can all stay out at the bars an hour later or sleep in an hour more the next day, but hold up--let's not forget that Daylight Saving Time sucks. Every year, we get used to sleeping in an hour later only to groan when next spring rolls around and we've got to adjust to the time change all over again. Here's a wild idea: let's NOT.

According to the internet (the ever so reliable WebMD, in this case), the time change affects our circadian rhythm quite a bit  because it changes its primary cue, sunlight, by a whole goddamn hour all of a sudden. NOT ON MY WATCH, IT WON'T! Okay, on my physical watch, it will, but you knew what I meant. By keeping my circadian rhythm intact, I'm hoping that adjusting in the spring won't be as hard as it usually is. 

My game plan is to go to bed an hour early on November 4th so that I can still claim my extra hour. On November 5th, though, I'm going to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am, which was 7:30-8:00 am the day before, which is the time of day my body is used to getting up in the morning. For those of you who live in more northern/therefore darker locations,  a daylight lamp is a great item to purchase. If you haven't heard of a daylight lamp, they're fantastic. It's essentially an alarm clock that wakes you up by getting gradually lighter, making for an easy (and circadian rhythm maintaining) wake-up. You can get one for as cheap as $29.99 on Amazon, but I really like the Phillips Wellner Smart Table Lamp. I can control it from my phone, use it as a bedside lamp, and it looks pretty cool and futuristic, sorta like Baymax.

Folks who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately dubbed, "SAD") can benefit greatly from a daylight lamp/light therapy. So can people with mood disorders! According to Psychology Today, "If one is treating a mood disorder, light therapy is best given for duration of 30 minutes for every hour one sleeps beyond 6 hours. So for example, if one sleeps 8 hours, they would require one hour of light therapy given one hour before they would normally wake. Since this is unlikely to be done by people who already feel the need for more sleep, it is best to use a dawn simulator light." They recommend starting light therapy one week before symptoms set in, or as soon as they do. Although studies have been performed using a 10,000 lux lamp, other studies show that a light with a lux of 500 could be just as effective. For more information on the benefits, check out the Psychology Today article referenced in this post!


Two Girls, One Blog, and an Epic Wedding Reunion!!


How do you prepare for a trip across the country to be in your best friend’s wedding? First, jump up and down in excitement since you’ll be in the same place as your best friends from college for the first time in over a year. Second, figure out how much time you’re working with. At this point, I have 3 days and 35 hours of work time within those 3 days to plan around. Next, you take the few hours you have and prepare yourself a luxe breakfast, turn on your wax pot to let it heat up for far longer than it needs to, throw in a load of laundry and forget about it, and binge as many netflix shows as possible since the bridesmaid agenda doesn’t allow for a House of Cards marathon.

Hi, I’m Giuliana and I'm a professional procrastinator. Sometimes, I get around to doing the things I need to do, usually when I should be doing something else, like when I have a writing deadline. Whether it’s for my job, for a freelance assignment, or for a personal project, I seem to work best under pressure--which is an ambitious way of acknowledging that the only time I get my life together is when I absolutely have to. But I prefer saying I like the hustle.

Now that my wax pot is hotter than necessary my brows are on point and I can barrell forward with my travel preparations. Mandatory items get packed first.

  1. Bridesmaid dress--luckily it’s a sheer material that doesn’t wrinkle when folded so I don’t have to worry about that.

  2. My journal and four books that I’m currently reading at the same time go right into my carry-on. Not sure what I’ll be in the mood to read so I have no choice but to bring them all!

  3. The sparkly platform heels that I bought for my NYE night out with Alexa will definitely be making a reappearance for the first time since.

  4. Laptop. As a freelancer, you gotta love the hustle.

  5. Melatonin and a reloaded Starbucks app. You can call me basic, but I gotta sleep when I have time to sleep and I gotta be at the top of my game for every other hour of this trip.

  6. All the clothes I tried to clean out of my closet but Alexa claimed for her own.

  7. Headphones because I can’t sleep in silence and bae can’t sleep unless it’s silent.

  8. Cat treats because of course we selected an AirBNB solely because we’ll be hosted by a cat and we don’t want to come empty handed.

An Alexa and Giuls reunion is a reliably fantastic event every time, so there’s more excitement than stress. The bride, of course, is also one of our best friends so we’re taking this reunion to the next level. Alexa’s in charge of the bride’s beauty routine and I’m the keeper of the bride’s vape. Alexa, as always, will make sure everyone looks FAB and I’ll make sure the bride’s relaxed and everyone’s constantly giggling so there’s no time for stress. (Hey, it’s Portland, it’s totes legal and way less sloppy than popping champagne for every minor “crisis”.) We are the damage control duo and excited to be back in action.

Stay tuned on our social media!!! We’ll be spoiling you with pictures, videos, and legendary quotes at @fabfeministblog across all platforms, and we may even indulge you with an impromptu blog entry (that is, if we're feeling ambitious). There’s a TON to celebrate and you’re invited to front row seats to our shenanigans!!!!!!



We've got big news to announce! I know I haven't been the best at creating the kind of content this blessed audience wants to read on the regular. I know the blog was down for a couple months with no explanation. And I know we haven't been as here for you as you want us to be. WE WILL DO BETTER! That's why, without further ado, I want to announce some big fucking news! Our long-time contributing writer and my college confidant, Giuliana, from Princeton, NJ, will be joining Fab Feminist as a regular writer and BUSINESS PARTNER!!!!

After a zillion marathon phone calls and inspirational conversations, we realized that trying to do the blogger thing on our own was 1) way too hard, and 2) half as fulfilling as working together. What does this mean for you, oh valued reader? This means double the content that you want to read starting right now. It means TONS of relevant and exciting new things on the horizon. It means a dash of some blogger REALNESS that we feel does not exist among our peer "lifestyle" bloggers (very little shade intended).

We're here. We're millennials. We're working full-time jobs, second jobs, and finding the time in between to create content we think the world deserves to read. We're a little broke. We're not perfect. We are NOT here to represent a perfect life, a perfectly messy bun, a perfect $2,499 tote bag, marble counters, or monochrome (unless it's black, tbh). We're here to serve some working-girl realness as best friends living on opposite ends of the east coast trying our damnedest to fiercely support each other because we know we can't do it alone.

We see each other once or twice a year and have collaborative phone calls weekly (a conservative estimate). We're both trying to create our best selves as we gradually evolve from excited, wide-eyed college graduates to hustling, real-life adults and we have A LOT to say. We both believe in the power of feminism, the importance of inclusivity, and the bravery that both require. That's why we've changed our blog name from Fab Fucking Female to Fab Feminist: because we want our blog to represent the diversity of our fan base.

Thank you for being here for us.

If you would like to find out more about our mission and about our team, click here. We'll be switching the website domain to represent our change of name, but not until our current domain expires. You’ll know when it happens! (Subscribe!) If you'd like to donate a cash gift, to keep us going, you can do so here.

If you want to write for us, send us an email to find out how. We are EXCITED to embark on this journey with you. Here's to change!

CLICK HERE to read our most recent post about our trip to Seattle & Portland!

I'm a Shameless Basic, Whatever, I'm Over it, Let's go to Starbucks.

Ya’ll I had the most basic bitch Thursday you have ever known. I’ve leveled up farther than I ever thought possible. I mean, I drank I drank a Starbucks venti mocha latte and bought my first VS bra in years (YEARS, PEOPLE). ALSO. I have been converted to the bralette. My boobs look so perky and old-school. 10/10 recommend. Then I went to the Apple store and had them fix a thing. I got my toenails painted (My body is decidedly NOT a wonderland I mean my technician was practically shoveling cuticle it was disgusting) and bought three bottles of Champagne for New Year’s Eve JUST TO PREGAME. (Korbel is $4 less/bottle if you go to Trader Joe’s).

I ordered myself the Ink + Volt 2017 planner. I am ecstatic to use it. I reorganized my workout drawer and filled in my brows. Then I drove to a hip fucking coffee shop (Common Grounds Coffee Bar in Lake Worth, FL) next to Florida’s greatest record store (Top Five Records), ordered a lavender London fog and SAT DOWN TO WRITE THIS BLOG POST. I’m disgusting. Did I mention my hair’s in a messy bun and I’m in athletic wear? OF COUSE IT IS/I AM. YOU LOVE IT BECAUSE YOU WISH YOU COULD BE AS BASIC AS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FREE YOURSELFFFFFFF.

The only thing I haven’t done today is take a selfie. But there are still five hours and fourty-five minutes left of this day SO ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


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