The Apple Watch has Done Wonders for my ADHD Brain

Much to the frustration of my loving and reasonable boyfriend, I bought an Apple Watch two weeks ago. To  be honest, I didn't even want one until two weeks and three days ago, but once I started seriously considering the benefits it could have for my dumb brain, my mind was made up. I should preface this with a disclaimer that I bought mine at Target, where most of the models are on sale for $100 off; I KNOW I wouldn't have spent $350 on a sport watch, but $250 was in my budget so I decided to go for it.

1. Less Missed Texts/Calls/E-mails

I work five different jobs at any time for six different bosses and always have my phone on silent--I'm either teaching, backstage, on the floor, or in an office. I can't tell you how many pressing calls I've missed because I wasn't regularly looking at my phone. The beauty of the Apple Watch is that all notifications--text messages, phone calls, e-mails, yadda yadda--are sent through to your Apple Watch. I can keep my phone on silent now and still never miss a call.

2. Fewer Opportunities to Become Distracted

This is a big one for me--I get a thought, like, bing! Let me make a note. Or, I better check my e-mail for a pre-sale e-mail about dat Formation Tour! And I unlock my cell phone AND SUDDENLY I AM SO OVERWHELMED BY ALL OF MY OPTIONS WAIT JUST LET ME CHECK FACEBOOK FIRST, TWITTER, OH I WONDER IF IT'S MY TURN ON TRIVIA CRACK YET, DO I HAVE ANY CATS IN THE YARD, WAIT, WHAT WAS I DOING AGAIN? I don't have to check my phone because anything important that I need to know about is being sent straight through to my wrist.

3. Driving is a Less Terrifying Experience

Although it takes a hot second longer to pull up directions on my watch, navigating while running errands, dropping documents off at a client's office, or finding a new place is so much easier. I don't have to hold my phone and drive with one hand or peel my eyes away from the road to check my precariously placed phone. I can see the map or written directions at my wrist, and the watch sends two different haptic tones--one if I'm turning left and another if I'm turning right.

Disclaimer: If you rely solely on the haptics, you could find yourself switching multiple lanes at the last minute, but they're a good reminder for somebody who forgets she has to make a turn seconds after she looked at her phone.

4. Siri is Smarter

I swear to god, Siri is smarter on the Apple Watch than she is on the iPhone. She's also easier to use. All I have to do is say, "Hey, Siri!" and she activates. I find it much more convenient to use Siri on my watch than on my phone. Doing so just eliminates so many extra steps: I don't have to locate my phone, press and hold the home button, and ask Siri a question while praying she knows the answer. Her answers are accurate and her voice recognition stronger. Acquiring information is much faster! 

5. Finding my Phone is Easier

Every time I set my phone and my keys down, I black out for a second. That's it! One second. That's all my delicate little hands and short-term memory lacking brain need to fling my phone and keys some place I won't remember later. "I am in the door, that is all that matters!"--my brain, probably. With my Apple Watch, I can open Pandora or iTunes on my watch and just follow the Beyonce until I find it pumping out of the speakers on my iPhone. Is my phone in my purse? Don't waste time digging around! Order Siri to play some jams! Is there music coming out of your purse? Then your cell phone is in your bag. Congrats, you're an adult.