WTF Friday: My Nightmare Boss

My male boss knows how to do a really complicated method of coding and it’s really easy for him and he likes to purposefully assign me +20 hours of work doing this thing that he knows I don’t know how to do. He literally laughed at me when I asked for help. He’s awful. He’s so awful. I don’t even feel bad about not being able to code because none of my co-workers know how to do it either. I coded for eight hours straight today and eight hours straight yesterday and ten hours on Tuesday. This has been my life and it is so awful, it is so awful and I have nothing to show for it because apparently I f***ed up on step 1 on Tuesday. And he knew about it because I sent him my f***ing code and he just let me go off into the wilderness. Can’t help but think that if weren’t female he at least wouldn’t laugh at me for struggling.