Met Gala 2017

OHHHHHHH, the Met Gala. Fashion's favorite fabulous night out where everybody dresses to the nines and nobody can be wrong. If you're anything like me, you've already scrolled through hundreds of photos of angles of dresses and hairstyles and group shots in the bathroom. If you're not, here's the low-down on literally everything.


The theme of this year's Met Gala and the Costume Institute's annual exhibit is "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des GarΓ§ons: Art of the In-Between." (Click that link if you want to read some picturesque fluff about the exhibit, or keep reading here for the dirty details.) Rei Kawakubo founded Comme de Garcons in 1969 and opened its first boutique in Tokyo in 1975. The aesthetics of her lines are amazing. They feature deliberate, inhuman structures. Interestingly, the brand's name translates to "like boys." Her pieces are large, loud and feature elements of design you have never seen before. In the 80s, she designed shit in monochromatic shades of black (a girl after my own heart) and her followers were dubbed "The Crows," WHICH IS PRETTY BADASS TO ME.

The buzzword most frequently used to describe the Met Gala this year was "avant-garde." Gigi Hadid described it as "badass chic." RiRi said of avant-garde, "I love art. and I think it's such a free range of expression and you can do whatever you want within that space." Reigning queen of the party, Anna Wintour, said "Honestly, avant-garde means different things to different people, and I hope that's what we're going to see on the red carpet tonight." Ashley Graham, my new favorite person ever, said, "Avant-garde to me is just so out of the box, yet still you at the end of the day." YES, GRAHAM, YES. YOU AMAZE ME WITH YOUR ELOQUENCE. I know at this point you're like, wait, what's the actual definition of avant-garde again? We've all heard the phrase and kinda sorta think we know what it means, but let me lay it out dictionary-style for a hot minute: avant-garde translates to "new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them." How's THAT for some vaguely specific context.


Katy Perry sang her new single "Bon Appetit" in what I would call a VERY avant-garde costume. The song is sort of like everything else on the radio right now, but the visuals were cool. What must it be like to perform for all your peers? Like, in front of fans is one thing, but peers? At the "coolest" party of the year? Like, how nerve-wracking must that be? I cannot even. Katy Perry seemed like she slayed it.


This year, the red carpet was actually blue and white. Oddly sized, highly textured pom-poms flanked the stairs to the museum in what was clearly homage to Kawakubo's designs. Check out some of the amazing dresses everyone wore:

Fei Fei Sun managed to look elegantly classic in a form-fitting, high-neck velvet gown while still keeping to the avant-garde theme of structured, textured sleeves. BRAVA!

Zendaya pulled off this Victorian fairytale of a dress by punching it up with big natural hair and a bold print featuring PARROTS. God, I am obsessed with her in this dress.

JLo channeled the queen of bling, Elizabeth Taylor, in this totally retro, blue chiffon number and high pony. Classic.

Blake Lively wore one of my TOP FAVE DRESSES OF THE NIGHT. Structured pointy shoulders, drapey gold chains, and an unexpected pop of royal blue and cerulean feathers at the bottom added some SERIOUS wow-factor to the first Mondaay in May.

Rihannna went the biggest in a dress designed by the Gala's honoree. It's totally Riri and totally en theme and the internet is TOTALLY obsessed with it.

Caroline Kennedy, a noted guest of honor thanks to her time spent as the ambassador to Japan, also wore a Comme de Garcons dress that was interesting across all fronts: In line, in texture, and in pattern.

My new fave person, Ashley Graham, wore an H&M dress that was vavaVOOM, baby! Her cleavage pushed up and bouncing around like a fleshy boob shelf is the ideal aesthetic, really, and the poofy red floral detailing looked as though it was seeping through the seams of the dress. Stunning.

Ruby Rose wore stunningly detailed white dress that featured a black print along its scalloped edging, creating an almost heavy metal effect. Very elegant and very edgy all at once. So Ruby Rose.

Rita Ora SLAYED THUH GAME in a totally artistic, totally extravagant Marchesa gown that looks like it was assembled by Cinderella's mice and birds, with bows and satin intersecting everywhere. Here hair was also KILL-LER.

Pics the Cool Kids Took

Last year, the Met Gala notoriously banned the selfie and all photographs once inside. The Kardashians + friends couldn't help it, tho, and took bathroom selfies out the wazoo. Here are this year's and then some.