Three Great Agendas for Any Price Point

Are you looking for an agenda that just GETS your brain? For the longest, I felt like mine weren’t doing enough legwork for me. They weren’t intuitive, I didn’t have enough space to write, they were built for right-handed people (curse you, spiral notebooks!). I’ve researched and tried a BUNCH of different ones, and below are a my favorites. The last two are good to start at any point in the year, too (which is great for me, bc y’all know I can never get anything done on time thanks to the perfect storm that is adult ADHD/perfectionism).

Moleskine Agendas

Pros: Customizability in size, layout (multiple variations on a weekly agenda), classic & minimalist design, warm-colored paper.

Moleskine was actually the first agenda I ever bought myself, all the way back in high school. I loved that it looked almost old-fashioned: it had a leather hardcover and the paper was an off-white color that looked a little retro. It was simple, which is what my overstimulated ADHD brain needed at that time. I opted for the pocket-size because as a high schooler, I had a TON of books to lug around at all times (nerd alert!) and couldn’t afford to weigh my backpack down any further.

The best thing about Moleskine agendas is that they are SUPER customizable; if all you’re looking for is a place to jot down your meetings, classes, or daily to-do lists, this is going to be the right fit for you. Their website has tons of options, and within those options you can usually customize the notebook further in areas like size and cover type. Price points are pretty reasonable, as well: an agenda can be as inexpensive as $18.00 for the size I mentioned. 

Ink + Volt Agendas

Pros: Great for goal setting, weekly writing prompts, left-handed folks.

Ink + Volt is an agenda that I am sure I will revisit in the future. I used their agenda two years in a row, and it was a really pleasant experience. They keep a lot of the elements that I loved about Moleskine (simplicity and elegance of design) but took it up a notch: Each month had a spread dedicated to your monthly goals, each week had a writing prompt with room to write as well as a weekly goal page, and the beginning and end of the agenda have a “Bring your year into focus” and a “Looking back at the year” spread. Great option for anyone who needs some structure to their life!

Desgin-wise, the agenda is hardcover with flatlay binding. The pages are a bit larger than the pocket-sized Moleskine, but still relatively easy to travel with. The agenda definitely has some heft to it, but if you’re past the bookbag stage of your life, it’s a fine choice. This is also one of the undated options that you can start at any time of the year. Which means you don’t have to pay for pages you won’t use! The pages are non-bleed so you can use a yummy, inky pen to write with, too.

Price points are a bit higher than the Moleskine; you can try out the Ink + Volt 6-month, undated agenda for $25 before making the investment in the 365-day one, which will run you $42-$50 depending on the cover style you choose. 10/10 recommend opting for the leather bound version than the colored fabric; the fabric pics up stains easily.

Ink + Volt agenda pictured

Ink + Volt agenda pictured

Inkwell Press

Pros: Endless customizability; super for business-owning, side-hustle-juggling folx; pretty to look at

Inkwell Press is the Cadillac of agendas (and it costs as much too; more on that later). It’s a disc notebook like Levenger, which means it’s infinitely customizable. Its greatest feature, however, is its Goal Setting Planner Inserts. They are great if you’ve got a bunch of projects to juggle throughout the year. They break projects down step by step and help you set realistic goals to complete them. Like the Ink + Volt agenda, this one also has a 30-day challenge, but you have the option to set and track multiple goals simultaneously; which sounds a little like “HULK OUT/DO ALL THE THINGS,” but really, it’s just a great option for tracking my progress on things like how often I work out, drink within my pre-established limits, study for/work on a project, etc. 

Their agendas come in a couple different layouts; you can opt for weekly, daily, and even monthly options. I switch between the daily and weekly depending on how hectic my week is. I also really appreciate that the daily inserts are undated; I don’t waste pages on days I don’t use the agenda, and I don’t have to flip through a bunch of blank pages to get where I want to go.

There are even more specialty inserts, too, besides the Goal Setting Planner; you can meal plan for the week, work on your fitness plan, take notes, and more. The size is great as well; while it’s not as small as the last two agendas, it is still compact and easy to travel with. Paper is also thick enough to write with a inky/juicy pen.

Pricing for the InkWell Press agenda runs pretty steep compared to the other two options I’ve mentioned; I’ve spent probably almost $200 (THIS YEAR) getting mine totally customizable. They have a lot of accessories, paper quality is good, design is great. Overall, I would say it’s worth the expense IF you can afford it and don’t get overwhelmed by a lack of structure.