We're Gaga for "Five Foot Two"

Watching Lady Gaga’s new documentary, Five Foot Two, is a cathartic experience. It is so validating to see yourself reflected in somebody so successful. To know that she has her struggles just like you have yours and that she’s not always the turned-on character we see her as is so f*cking cool.

In Five Foot Two, we see Lady Gaga at her most human self. She’s not always glamorous. She doesn’t put on a facade to disguise when she feels like shit. She talks about her physical pain and her trauma. She goes to the doctor and lists the slew of medications she’s on. She gets ready in the morning and goes to work. She talks about her journey to self-acceptance. She visits her grandma and plays the title song of "Joanne" and says that she wrote it for her. They’re in a small apartment with dated furniture and she asks permission to eat a persimmon. She goes to a baptism for one of her family members. By the end of the documentary, we have been gifted a true and honest glimpse into her personal life. This documentary is not about Gaga, but about Stephanie Germanotta.

The fascinating thing about Gaga is her drive to create and channel her pain, physical and emotional, into art. She focuses in like a laser beam and gets the job DONE. I also loved that she’s not always the most eloquent person. In one shot, she’s on a stoop late at night after a recording session. She's talking about Madonna, and how she wishes Madonna had told her to her face that she didn’t like her work. She sounds like she might be a little drunk, but it ends up in the documentary anyway because it’s clear that her motive with Five Foot Two is to document her reality: the good, the less glamorous, and even the average.

It is empowering to see Lady Gaga working to live the life she wants to live--that it doesn’t come easy, but she knows she’s in charge of her destiny. Thanks in part to this documentary and my own most recently begun journey with my mental health, I am slowly giving myself permission to live a life that I want to live. Giuls and I have been talking a lot about accepting our mental health issues here at Fab Feminist. For anybody who lives a ‘curated’ life, it is especially empowering to talk about your mental health with others. You don’t have to divulge the gritty details; to simply tell another person, “I am currently dealing with PTSD,” or “My depression and anxiety have gotten the better of me lately,” gives you so much power. Power to admit that you are not your mental illness; power to say that you are not responsible for the side effects of your struggle. I hope Five Foot Two also offers you some solace in your mental health journey! As always, Giuls and I are here to support our Fab Feminists in any way we can.

Samira + Lauren = Best Dressed Brides of All Time

I love weddings. They've got cake and excessive drinking! They're an excuse to buy expensive stuff and request time off! You get to see people you haven't seen in a million years! Travel to new places and do new things! I MEAN, WHAT A GOOD EXCUSE.

I ain't really the marrying kinda gal, but MAN, I love wedding stuff. Especially celebrity wedding stuff. OH, THE EXTRAVAGANCE! OH, THE GLAMOUR! OH, THE INTERNET STALKING. This weekend I stumbled upon an IG pic of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, of OITNB, from their wedding. Y'all. I'm gonna let you finish reading this post, but Samira and Lauren had the best wedding dresses of all time.




Both dresses were custom designed by Christian Siriano. Lauren wore a majestic PANTSUIT with DETACHABLE CRYSTAL-BEDECKED CAPE AND I JUST CANNOTTTTTTTTT. Samira's dress had this Beauty and the Beast -tastic, off the shoulder swoopy-doo going on, a huge A-line skirt, and an Elizabethan deep-V bodice. Rumor has it the A-line skirt was DETACHABLE for the reception and replaced with a different skirt that had a little less going on.


Mondays are for Puppies and Coffee

Monday mornings are rough. We know, and we're here for you. We're sorry you put your pants on backwards and dribbled coffee down your shirt backing out of the driveway :( Screw Mondays, man. Go pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee (in a safer mug, like this one), call your boss to let them know you'll be ten minutes late, and settle in for the cutest corgi video you have ever seen. Think of this as your much needed re-start button. You're welcome.

Misty Copeland Ties the Knot! WE HAVE PICTURES.

Misty Copeland, our #fitspo, #fashpo, #WCW, #blackgirlmagic queen, and globally-renowned ballet superstar, has tied the knot with her partner of TEN WHOLE YEARS. Copeland and her man, Olu Evans, got engaged just last August--two months after Misty was promoted to principal ballerina with American Ballet Theatre. According to Hillary Crosley Coker of Gawker, the two decided to get engaged only once they had achieved their personal goals. So romantic, right?

 She and Olu Evans were married this past Sunday in Laguna Beach, California under an archway of ballet pink and white roses on a sunny hotel patio. She wore a sweetheart neckline, form-fitting dress by Inbal Dror. The dress was a peachy-cream color with white lace overlay detailing, and her veil was a long, simple, chapel-style veil. She wore her hair in a low up-do and wore Christian Louboutin shoes.  Such perfection! Such simplicity! Back in October during an interview with E! News, she described why a low-key wedding was exactly what she wanted: "I get to become a fairy princess on stage and wear incredible costumes and gowns to galas so, for me, I just want to have a simple, as easy-going day as I can have..." What an inspiration. My new goal of 2016 is to keep it as real as Misty always. There are VERY few photos of the ceremony floating around on the internet, but here are a few, taken by guests and posted to Instagram. You're welcome. 


We're just going to cut to the chase, shall we? In case you've been under a rock/working around the clock all weekend, the new Wonder Woman trailer was released at Comi-Con yesterday, and it's downright awesome.

Did you see that jump with the bow and arrow? The suspended-in-mid-air shield slide/double leg kick?? That GLOWING LASSO OF TRUTH? I am HERE for Wonder Woman