How to Intuitive Vacation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Leaving your Inner Perfectionist at HOME

Normally when I travel, everything is perfectly timed out. I know what activities I’m doing on what days before I even leave town. I don’t waste a single ounce of valuable vacation time planning (I mean stressing) about what I’m going to do, and I maximize my vacation to fit in as much as possible. 

This June, though, I took a vacation to the Smoky Mountains that was a radical departure from my usual travel style: the only thing I planned about this trip was that I wasn’t going to plan anything. No tickets were bought ahead of time. No reservations made.

Instead, I slept when I wanted to, woke up when I wanted to, read when I wanted to, sat outside when I wanted to, and ate when and what I wanted to. Side note--if intuitive eating can be a thing, I think intuitive vacationing should definitely be a thing, too. 

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Give Your Internal Head Coach a Break

Do you know what I’ve been thinking? That it’s absurd for us to expect that we will always be able to find motivation within ourselves. So many of us do this, including us folks who would have the hardest time doing it— those with depression, or mood disorders, lyme disease, mono, and all sorts of other issues that affect our energy levels. And we feel BAD about feeling unmotivated. (Bonus: feelings about your feelings are called meta-emotion. Like, when you feel like a failure for feeling too depressed? THAT'S a meta emotion).

This just seems so futile to me. Sometimes you just CAN'T, ya know? Sometimes you're burnt out and you can't find it in you to go on. You’ve depleted your emotional and mental resources…

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The Parable of the Tomato Plant

I am a plant lady. This is not news; it is merely a fact that must be presented before I proceed with this story.

What follows is a real-life parable. It’s a story about a tomato plant. RIVETING stuff.

In case you forgot what a parable is, it is a simple story told to teach a lesson. Keep in mind that this particular parable is about an event that actually happened, unlike a story I was told about TURNING WATER INTO WINE, which I still have yet to prove is possible. SMH.

I am a plant lady. I have plants on the patio. Plants in the living room. Plants in the bathroom. Plants on the window sill in the kitchen. The latter are all herbs. They sit on a south-facing window sill in a sunny spot where…

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Stop Managing a Messy Life

I work a fast-paced day job as a metaphorical fruit ninja. It’s a ton of fun, but when a metaphorical fruitstorm comes flying my way, my entire life goes on hold. Time to shampoo? NO WAY! Throw that bedhead in a sock bun and run, don’t walk, out the front door. Just got home after a 10-hour day? Better leave those black leggings on the floor where ya took ‘em off, ‘cause you know they’re going back on again tomorrow with a different top! By the end of a week like this, my apartment looks like it’s been trampled by a cat 3 hurricane and I’m left spending precious free time picking up the pieces of my life. It’s

A big part of this chaotic cycle comes from my perfectionist tendencies—if I can’t get the whole damn place clean, I don’t want to bother cleaning at all. The other issue here is the sheer magnitude of crap that I hold onto. If I had less of it, there’d be less of a mess to clean up each week, right? It’s not like we’re talking rocket science here.

So recently, with my twenty-mlehmleh-th birthday rapidly approaching, I made a radical decision to hurdle over my perfectionism paralysis…

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