"Shine" App Review and Some Thoughts on Gratitude

I felt such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude this morning. It’s only once in a new moon [GET IT BC TODAY IS A NEW MOON] that I really feel a sense of contentment and I wanted to process and celebrate this feeling before it slipped away.

I recently upgrade from the free version of Shine Text to the premium version and within the span of a week, it has radically changed my outlook on life. Click to listen below; I’ll be transcribing the recording soon so that anyone who’s audio-impaired can enjoy it, too. In the meantime, enjoy, and forgive the tin-can quality of the sound—I promise the content is worth any annoyance in it’s delivery.

Side note about my style of speaking: sometimes, I have a hard time finding the right words, or I feel the what I want to say before I have the words to match it. I call this “buffering,” like when your video has to buffer before it loads. My brain does the same thing!

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