It's Time to Bend and Snap.

All right my saucy readers, the official fifteenth anniversary of the world's greatest chick flick is coming to a close, and I bet you haven't even celebrated yet. Snap, snap! There are only three hours left on this perfect day, and I am challenging YOU to the bend and snap. You, the reader, are obligated to woo one (1) individual by performing the bend and snap. With conviction. Successfully. It must be completed by midnight tonight, or Dr. Who is going to timewarp to 2001 and set off a car alarm outside Elle Woods' window, causing her to get a 173 on her LSATs because she dozed off during the last 10 minutes. 

Time to get your little pink bunny butts off the couch and get creative. Drop a french fry at McDonald's. Drop yo Discover card in a bar (after you freeze it). Drop your cell phone in front of your S.O. as they sit in front of the TV with their pants unbuttoned. Drop the pizza the delivery man just handed you. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST! Sorry, wrong iconic chick flick.

In case you've forgotten how good Legally Blonde is/are wondering if Reese Witherspoon's still got it, she does, and she's got the insta vids to prove it.

Exhibit A: The Bend and Snap

Exhibit B: #SeriouslyDisturbed

Exhibit C: My 2016 Summer Swimsuit Goals

I am LIVINGGGGGGG for this day, Reese. All Hail Elle Woods!