Don't Pray for Las Vegas

Don’t pray for Las Vegas.

Don’t change your profile picture in solidarity.

Don’t post a status about how hurt you are to see that this has happened again.

If the only action you’re going to take is to condemn gun violence from the safety of your couch to people who are mostly in agreement with you, don’t bother.

Now, I’m not condemning anyone’s religious preference or

how they choose to heal their wounds.

I’m condemning this laissez faire, “We care!” mentality

that “proves” that we care and “proves” that when others hurt, we hurt, too, that “proves” that we have an ounce of humanity left within us.

I’m condemning the unspoken elephant in the room that when you say, “Pray for Las Vegas,” you mean, “The only thing I will do for Las Vegas is Pray.”

You mean, “I care, but not THAT much.”

You mean, “That’s just the reality of the world we live in these days.”

You mean, “I will not google my representative.”

You mean, “I will not call or email my representative.”

You mean, “I will not speak out against gun violence except to do so with my fingers on a tiny glowing screen.”

You mean, “I will do nothing, but I will hope that somebody else does something.”

You mean, “I will let this world turn to ruin as I sit idly by.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am sick of this “cog in the wheel” mentality, this, “I’m doing something, see?!?” when “doing something” means knowing what you’re doing is not enough and not caring to do better.

It’s lazy.

It’s privileged. It’s refusing to believe that the victims of all of these mass shootings assumed they probably wouldn’t die due to gun violence instead of old age, an accident, or cancer.

Don’t WAIT for somebody else to do something, grab the problem by the shoulders and face it square off. CALL YOUR SENATOR. TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO CALL THEIR SENATOR. DEMAND BETTER OF THE PERSON WHOSE JOB IT IS IT REPRESENT THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA. DEMAND BETTER OF THE PERSON WHOSE JOB IT IS TO REPRESENT YOU. Until you direct your attention to your representative, they don’t HAVE to do jack. Posting to Facebook and failing to contact your representative is like doing your homework and refusing to turn it in.


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People Taking Internet Quiz on Feminism Confused by what Feminism is

The Washington Post published a quiz called What Type of Feminist (or Anti-Feminist) are You? and you should definitely take it. You can see your results, question by question, compared with those of the rest of the participants. After you finish the quiz, you're offered the option to submit your answers to see where you fall. There are six groups, ranging from "Hell Yeah" Feminists to "Certainly Not" Feminists. Each group is accompanied by a description and a video of participants taking the quiz who fell under that particular category. 

What is apparent to me after watching all six videos is that a large majority of the participants are wholly uneducated on the topic of feminism and frequently misinterpret the term. As somebody who fell into the "Hell Yeah" Feminist group, it was particularly grating for me to watch the "Certainly Not" Feminist video. If we understand the different forms of misogyny and how they permeate our culture, we can begin to see why we do still need feminism, how women's bodies and choices are being policed, and how what you think is the reality of the movement and what is the reality can be two very, very different things. Below are a couple links that might help sort out any confusion you might have on what misogyny means.

If you're a woman and don't think you're a feminist, please read Internalized Misogyny by and Misogynoir: Sexism and Racism in the Lives of Black Women.

And if you're still not sold on the whole "Feminism" thing, here's a catchy little tune to break it down for you: