Jane Fonda Gives Me Life

I just found a full-length Jane Fonda step aerobics workout on the internet, and I feel that it is my calling to reintroduce this form of fitness back to the world. WHY DID WE EVER GIVE UP ON STEP AEROBICS?????? Low-impact, high-cardio activity??? High-waisted leotards and leg warmers?? What were we thinking???? Jane Fonda, workout video goddess that she is, is timeless. OK? Unlike some exercise videos, (Looking at you, The Firm), there are a zillion people in Jane Fonda's step aerobics video, and they are all HOOTIN' and HOLLERIN' the whole time. I feel like I'm in a class with highly motivated people, not in an awkwardly quiet room with four strangers staring at me.

It starts off with all 30 million step aerobics students filtering in, getting situated and greeting each other. I already feel at ease because everyone is SO DAMN FRIENDLY! I even wave to a couple of them. Jane Fonda walks in, totally at ease, totally balling and lays down the law. At this point in her career, I'm assuming Jane Fonda was so much of a badass that she didn't even need to lead the step aerobics portion of the class bc she has her minions do it. HER MINIONS ARE AMAZING. Shout out to Laurel in that black leotard, DAYUMMMN GIRL. Genie and Mark are fanny-tastic, too. They make me feel like I am a goddess capable of anything. At the end Jane Fonda shows up in a smokin-hot pink leotard and does crunches with us, and I learn that I've been doing them wrong my entire life. THANKS FOR THE PRO TIP, JANE!

I won't spoil any more for you. The video's below. SOMEBODY PLEASE CONVERT THESE TAPES TO DVD, THO. STAT. You can also buy a stepper and have it shipped to your home in two days on Amazon for the low, low price of $22. IMPULSE PURCHASE AWAY!