Kristin Chenoweth is a Magical Goddess and Songbird

Saturday night was amazing. Kristin Chenoweth was amazing. The huge red satin high-low dress that she wore was amazing. The sparkly silver stilettos she wore to complete the outfit were amazing. Hearing her sing "Popular" was amazing. Life-changing. Her charming rendition of A Chorus Line's "Dance Ten, Looks Three," which involved replacing the chorus of "Tits and Ass" with "Boobs and Butt" because of her Bible-Belt upbringing, was amazing. The orange pools of light that covered each musician in Dolly Parton's "Little Sparrow" was amazing. Listening to her oscillate between her charming Southern accent and her classical singing was amazing. Our seats were not amazing, but it didn't matter because an evening in Kristin Chenoweth's presence is always amazing because she is a goddess of charm and kindness and serious vocal cords. #Blessed

Photo courtesy of my guest and best MermaidJessie, who is not yet Instagram famous for reasons I can't understand. Click here to see what we wore on our night out!