Maintaining Your Best Wardrobe

Keeping your prized collection of clothing and accessories in tip-top shape can seem like a near impossible task. We’ve all pulled something out of the closet only to find that it was too wrinkled, stained or stunk. Read more to find out some tricks of the trade and keep your closet on fleek 24/7.

1. Create a Storage Space.

Find something that fits your space to store all your new wardrobe-related tools. I repurposed a fruit hanging basket, but anything from a shoebox to a hanging shower caddy can do.

2. Fill a Spray Bottle with Half Vodka, Half Water.

This trick is widely used by costumers in the theater industry to kill body odor germs on garments that can’t go in the wash. It dries odorless and stainless and can be used safely on just about anything. Give the garment a good mist and let it air out before moving it back to your closet.

3. Hang a Water-Absorbing Bag in Your Closet.

Do you live in wet places like Florida or Seattle? Have you ever found mold spots on your clothes? Even if you haven’t, hanging a moisture absorber like this one can be a good idea, especially if you own leather. Just replace the bag every three and a half months or so, and make sure there’s a way for air to circulate out of the room and for light to get in.

4. Buy a Stain Remover

If you’re anything like me, it can be weeks before you get around to doing your laundry again. Having a bottle of stain treatment handy can stop stains from setting into the fabric. Spray it on the spot and throw it in the hamper. I recommend having two different ones — I like OxiClean's Laundry Stain Remover, but when that doesn’t do the trick, I follow up with Shout’s Advanced Ultra Gel Brush and a second wash. Between the two, my garments are usually good as new again.

5. Buy a Couple Garment Bags

Pick up some garment bags from Wal-Mart or Target to protect your garments in the wash. Use them for bras, lacy/delicate panties, hosiery, anything with long ties (think wrap dresses, bathrobes), beaded or printed garments (turned inside-out for extra protection), or delicate fabrics.

6. Color-Specific Detergents

Are your whites starting to yellow? Are those black pants fading? Investing in color-specific detergents can help make your clothes look brand new again! Try Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing to make dingy, graying and yellowing garments bright again, or try Tide’s Boost Vivid White + Bright pods in conjunction with your Tide detergent.

Want to keep your darks from fading? Try Woolite’s Darks or Extra Darks Detergents.

Originally posted on on November 22, 2015. This post may have been edited for grammatical corrections.