Stevie Nicks Dedicates Touching Song for Pulse victims, Christina Grimmie

On Sunday, June 19th, Stevie Nicks posted to Facebook that she was dedicating her song "Touched by an Angel" to the victims of the tragic shooting in Orlando, as well as Christina Grimmie and her family. The song, which appeared on the soundtrack of Sweet November in 2001, includes the touching lyrics,

But in my heart I leave great expectations
That you will find the answers to your questions

And that life will once more be a celebration
And that you will be touched by an angel.

 "Sometimes~ In a difficult situation, a song from the past will call out to me," she starts. "Concerning what happened in Orlando~ I hope these words might be comforting to those involved. I dedicate “Touched by an Angel” to all those lost~ and all those left behind. I have included the original demo because it is my favorite version. This was my mother's favorite song~" and she signs off, "All my love, Stevie Nicks." following her moving tribute is a post-script expressing her hopes that these words reach the family of singer Christina Grimmie, who was tragically murdered after her own concert in Orlando days before the mass shooting at Pulse.