Here are the Swimwear Trends of 2016, You're Welcome.

Swimwear season is around the corner, and your resident expert fashionista has sought long and hard to find the best of this year's trends! It's an exciting year for the swimsuit, for sure. Here are the Top 5 Trends of 2016!

1. Lingerie-Inspired Swimwear.

I am so excited for this trend, you cannot even imagine. From delicate, balconette-cut tops to lacy teddy-inspired one pieces, this trend is going to leave you feeling like a goddamn sex queen. Which you are, obvs. Here are Fab Fucking Female's faves:

3. Sexy/Weird Suntan-Leaving Straps and Cutouts

What else are you supposed to call this swimsuit genre? "Cutouts" and "strappy" aren't all-encompassing enough, and these will absolutely leave some bizarro tan lines if you don't properly lather yourself in sunscreen. Those tan lines will be worth it, tho.

5. High-Cut Bikini Bottoms 

Throwback to the good ol' Baywatch days! We finally, as a society, have come back to our senses and realized just how smokin' these swimsuits are. Whether you're rocking this look as a bikini or a one piece, you're bound to turn heads. And drop jaws. And spill drinks. We warned you.