I'm in Love with Olivia and Meredith.

Just in case you literally live under a rock or are too punk-rock for Taylor Swift, I've decided to undertake the task of warming your little heart blobs by introducing you to her incomprehensibly cute cats, Olivia and Meredith Grey. That and I wanted to have a socially acceptable reason to fangirl over cats.

Olivia gets it. You know? She does. She understands the plight of what an hour at Target can do to the body.

Meredith, or "Dith" for short, as I like to call her in private while mindlessly shoveling gluten-free cookies into my mouth and watching this video on repeat, has the best purrrrrrrrr.

What about the expression on Olivia's face as she attempts to "Human," a clever new pastime she's taken up? 

Check out this Presumably Pumpkin Pie with Miniature Versions of Them on It.

And this adorable selfie of T. Swizzle with — oh, god. That's not a cat.


Or this final and very, very priceless photograph of Olivia's bona fide cathood:

Because we've all made that face trying to find our straw while maintaining eye contact.