How to Live Your Classy AF Mermaid Life

I have seen so many fantastic posts about must-have mermaid-themed accessories and home decorations, but I have yet to see one that focuses on the more ~subtle~ and ~sophisticated~ side of the trend. So I wrote it myself. Here are my favorite mermaid-tastic accessories.

1. This Jade Coral Necklace from BaubleBar, $42

2. These Shimmery Seahorse Sandals from Jeffrey Campbell, $105

3. This Phone Case with a Hint of Fin from CRCases, $11.90

4. These Scalloped Fishy Fin Shorts from Lilly Pullitzer, $68


5. An Abalone Shell Clutch from Angimahinasyonnicaca, $120.

6. These Majestic Mermaid Leggings from Lotus Leggings, $28.

Lotus Leggings Facebook page

Lotus Leggings Facebook page

7. A Easy-Peasy, Sea-Inspired Manicure by Compulsive Nails, $10.

Now get on with your classy mermaid selves!