The BEST Cosmetic Deals @ Nordy's Anniversary Sale


I don't know how to say this without sounding like a bougie mother f*cker, but NORDSTROM'S ANNIVERSARY SALE SEASON IS MY FAVORITE SEASON OF ALL. Seriously, their beauty department sale is legendary. EVERYBODY has a gift with purchase, everyone's got special edition gift sets, VOLUSPA CANDLES ARE ON SALE. It is absolutely magical. If you restock your makeup bag once a year, this is the time to do it, baby. Here are my top pics and why. The sale opens to the public in 5 hours, so BRACE YOUR WALLETS.

1. Lancome's Lash Lovers Mascara Collection

Lancome makes the best mascara. If you think otherwise, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. You're just wrong. This gift set is great because you're getting THREE full-size mascaras (all of which value about $30 a pop) plus you get to try their brand new Monsieur Big (very SATC of them) and a makeup remover all for the price of two tubes. STEAL OF THE CENTURYYYYY.

2. Lancome's Shake Up the Drama Collection

I opted for this instead of the Lash Lover's Mascara Collection exclusively because I was in desperate need of a new liquid liner. I tried the drug store route and I will never go back. Lancome's liquid liner is better than MAC's, Sephora's, Rimmel's, you name it. For the price of your mascara and eyeliner, you also get a small tube of their life-changing Cils Booster XL, a lip gloss, and makeup remover. BOTH SETS COME WITH A PHENOMENAL GIFT WITH PURCHASE (GWP, HENCEFORTH) that includes sample size Definicilis mascara (my fave), Cils Booster XL, an eyeshadow palette, and a lot more. 

3. Laura Geller's It's Glow Time

This is the highlighter steal of the CENTURY. The roll-on stick gives your skin a dewey, hydrated look and the pressed powder 1) looks gorgeous, omg, and 2) adds some flawlesss shimmer. The double brush is cool, too; you've got an angled blush brush and the other end is actually a sponge brush, perfect for smudging the stick highlighter and blending it in. For $35, it's a necessity.

4. Voluspa Maison Two Wick Candle Trio

These candles smell soooo yummy and the tins are super cute. This set has my favorite scents (I am so here for crisp champagne), but all of them are great. They also have a smaller set size that runs half the price, but for ten bucks a candle, that's a deal in and of itself!

Avoiding a Quarter-Life Fashion Crisis

So you're twenty-something years old just like 25 million Americans also happen to be, and if you're also anything like me, you are having a VERY hard time dressing like an adult while still maintaining your ~youthful vibes~. I have a lot of gorgeous dresses that friends have passed my way, and all of a sudden I realized yesterday that everything I own is...conservative. It's not form-fitting, or it's got long sleeves, or it's cocktail-dress-you-can-meet-your-partner's-grandma-in appropriate, and it's a lovely dress, really, but you just feel as though you're dressing like you're thirty-four and not twenty-four. Honey, I feel you, and I'm here to share with you the epiphany I had last night: there are only two things to spice up any outfit. They are:

1. A Pair of Big, Bold Earrings.

Add some punch to your outfit by donning a pair of earrings that shout, "I am a bold bitch and I am here to party!" Nobody will even think to assume that you only paint your face with foundation once a week and spend the rest of your waking post-work-day hours sitting on the couch in smelly pajamas completely sober. Here are our favorites and click-links to purchase, because duh.

2. A Pair of Party Shoes

If you've been looking for an excuse to go shoe shopping, HERE IT IS! By order of the Fab Feminist, I hereby grant you permission to swipe and buy. Killer shoes are my favorite way to liven up any outfit. Strappy designs, metallics, bright colors, and animal prints are your ticket to fierce feet, and although there's nothing in this world I love more than a pair of six inch heels, I've included a few flats for our more practical fab readers.