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This was a hysterical process, by the way. There is something completely unnerving about talking into a camera that's not even live, like you've got a whole audience instead of just your friend in the corner operating the camera. But we did it! We split a bottle of champagne (Excuse? It was a Sunday.) and had a ton of fun. Editing was another hell of a proccess. It had been so long since I'd used any software and for whatever reason, my computer thought it had no room for my final product. Talk about an OY to the VEY. If this looks a little grainy and sounds a little canned, it's because it is. The final product is actually brought to you by pirating my own content. Yup, since I couldn't save the final product to my computer, I played it on my computer and filmed the process from my iPhone and uploaded that to YouTube. Beyonce willing, it can only get better from here. It wouldn't be a proper first video if it wasn't a little embarrassing in quality, right??