Two Girls, One Blog, and an Epic Wedding Reunion!!


How do you prepare for a trip across the country to be in your best friend’s wedding? First, jump up and down in excitement since you’ll be in the same place as your best friends from college for the first time in over a year. Second, figure out how much time you’re working with. At this point, I have 3 days and 35 hours of work time within those 3 days to plan around. Next, you take the few hours you have and prepare yourself a luxe breakfast, turn on your wax pot to let it heat up for far longer than it needs to, throw in a load of laundry and forget about it, and binge as many netflix shows as possible since the bridesmaid agenda doesn’t allow for a House of Cards marathon.

Hi, I’m Giuliana and I'm a professional procrastinator. Sometimes, I get around to doing the things I need to do, usually when I should be doing something else, like when I have a writing deadline. Whether it’s for my job, for a freelance assignment, or for a personal project, I seem to work best under pressure--which is an ambitious way of acknowledging that the only time I get my life together is when I absolutely have to. But I prefer saying I like the hustle.

Now that my wax pot is hotter than necessary my brows are on point and I can barrell forward with my travel preparations. Mandatory items get packed first.

  1. Bridesmaid dress--luckily it’s a sheer material that doesn’t wrinkle when folded so I don’t have to worry about that.

  2. My journal and four books that I’m currently reading at the same time go right into my carry-on. Not sure what I’ll be in the mood to read so I have no choice but to bring them all!

  3. The sparkly platform heels that I bought for my NYE night out with Alexa will definitely be making a reappearance for the first time since.

  4. Laptop. As a freelancer, you gotta love the hustle.

  5. Melatonin and a reloaded Starbucks app. You can call me basic, but I gotta sleep when I have time to sleep and I gotta be at the top of my game for every other hour of this trip.

  6. All the clothes I tried to clean out of my closet but Alexa claimed for her own.

  7. Headphones because I can’t sleep in silence and bae can’t sleep unless it’s silent.

  8. Cat treats because of course we selected an AirBNB solely because we’ll be hosted by a cat and we don’t want to come empty handed.

An Alexa and Giuls reunion is a reliably fantastic event every time, so there’s more excitement than stress. The bride, of course, is also one of our best friends so we’re taking this reunion to the next level. Alexa’s in charge of the bride’s beauty routine and I’m the keeper of the bride’s vape. Alexa, as always, will make sure everyone looks FAB and I’ll make sure the bride’s relaxed and everyone’s constantly giggling so there’s no time for stress. (Hey, it’s Portland, it’s totes legal and way less sloppy than popping champagne for every minor “crisis”.) We are the damage control duo and excited to be back in action.

Stay tuned on our social media!!! We’ll be spoiling you with pictures, videos, and legendary quotes at @fabfeministblog across all platforms, and we may even indulge you with an impromptu blog entry (that is, if we're feeling ambitious). There’s a TON to celebrate and you’re invited to front row seats to our shenanigans!!!!!!

Samira + Lauren = Best Dressed Brides of All Time

I love weddings. They've got cake and excessive drinking! They're an excuse to buy expensive stuff and request time off! You get to see people you haven't seen in a million years! Travel to new places and do new things! I MEAN, WHAT A GOOD EXCUSE.

I ain't really the marrying kinda gal, but MAN, I love wedding stuff. Especially celebrity wedding stuff. OH, THE EXTRAVAGANCE! OH, THE GLAMOUR! OH, THE INTERNET STALKING. This weekend I stumbled upon an IG pic of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, of OITNB, from their wedding. Y'all. I'm gonna let you finish reading this post, but Samira and Lauren had the best wedding dresses of all time.




Both dresses were custom designed by Christian Siriano. Lauren wore a majestic PANTSUIT with DETACHABLE CRYSTAL-BEDECKED CAPE AND I JUST CANNOTTTTTTTTT. Samira's dress had this Beauty and the Beast -tastic, off the shoulder swoopy-doo going on, a huge A-line skirt, and an Elizabethan deep-V bodice. Rumor has it the A-line skirt was DETACHABLE for the reception and replaced with a different skirt that had a little less going on.