Take the 'Re' Out of 'Reacting' and Get On With Your Bad Self

I felt like such an idiot this morning. After getting a terrible night’s sleep (brain was on energizer bunny mode after an 11-hour day and the bedroom was too bright and too cold), I woke up earlier than usual for my usual Thursday 8:30 call time. I drove all the way to work (a thirty-minute commute) and had almost parked my car before I realized I was the only one there.

That’s when a little voice in my head went, “Didn’t you get an email about one of your Thursday 8:30s getting cancelled…?”


I called my partner, vented for a whopping 44 seconds, and headed to Subculture for a nice dirty chai latte. I tried venting about it in the car to y’all, too--there was an error in the recording process, though, so you missed an excellent pre-caffeine, F-bomb-induced rant which culminated in me struggling to reach my parking garage ticket because my arm was too short and my car was too far away from the machine—THAT cinematic gem lasted a solid 30 seconds. THURSDAYS, am I rite?!?

I hate how ~enlightened~ I’m about to sound, but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself so I’m gonna toot my own horn: TOOT TOOT, Y’ALL. TOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT (I think the caffeine just kicked in).

This morning could have gone one of two ways: I could have seen it as an #epicfail and let my lack of calendar management skills color my day, or I could get over it and make the best of this morning.

I DIDN’T LET THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK WIN, Y’ALL. “At least I have time to get a coffee and buffer before I have to see anyone” turned into “Oooh, the couch is free! It’ll be nice to relax for a little and get some me time” turned into “Maybe I’ll read my book or write something.”

When I accepted the situation for what it was (I cut into semi-precious sleep time because I forgot my morning appointment was cancelled, sleeping was no longer an option, and I was not going to work for the man for longer than I had to), this initial mistake turned into a win-win-win. I ate a filling breakfast. Got to relax and start my morning off slow. Got to accomplish something and gain a sense of productivity with the extra and unanticipated time.

I didn’t react to my situation. I was proactive about seeing how I could use it to my advantage. It didn’t even start out as a “Turn that frown upside down!” moment; it was merely a “Whelp, it is what it is.” Small choices in succession can create a completely different outcome than one might anticipate (insert ~ripple~ analogy).

So, the next time you find yourself in an inconvenient situation, think about how you can turn it into a surprisingly convenient one. I hope you have a radically better time than you thought you were going to, given the circumstance. I can’t wait to hear all about it!